SDTR Marine Pte Ltd 2021 Annual Announcement

一、Company Information

1.Chinese Name:新诚航运(SDTR)

2.English Name:SDTR Marine Pte Ltd

3.Legal Representive:Gao Dehui

4.Registered Address:600 North Bridge Road, #16-06/07, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778

5.Company Introduction: SDTR Marine Pte. Ltd. (SDTR) is a joint venture shipping company incorporated in Singapore in 2013. Shandong Shipping Corporation, who is a large state-owned enterprise and one of the largest ship owners and operators in China, is the controlling shareholder of SDTR.

SDTR provides dry bulk transportation with worldwide services. Cargoes carried include grain, coal, iron ore, mineral, bauxite, fertilizer, coke, petcoke and sulphur etc. The company’s main activities are focused on grains, coal and iron ore trades.

二、Company Management Structure

The Board of Directors consist of 6 Directors. In accordance with Singapore’s Company Act, SDTR’s Articles of Association, laws and regulations, they conscientiously perform their obligations and exercise their powers, strictly review various proposals of the Board and fully express their opinion on major matters in steering the SDTR in the right strategic direction.

三、Annual Major Events

a) Board Meeting on:

SDTR 2020 Operation Report

SDTR 2021 Budget Report

Report of Shareholder loan

Appointment of auditor and valuation of company

Issuance of bonus to SDTR Management team

Disposal of investment in HK SPVs

Issuance of dividend to shareholders

Change in 82k vessels contractual arrangements

Change in allotment of shares and adoption of constitution

b) Major Manpower Movement

Gao Dehui resignation from Shandong Shipping Singapore

Replacement Xing Hui Liang as a director and appointment of Lui Aidong as a director

Appointment of CEO and resignation of MD

Appointment of 2nd Deputy General Manager

四、Impact of Major Events on SDTR

No impact

五、Departmental Public Disclosure and Rectification of Major Concern from:

a) Inspection and supervision review by Superiors

- None.

b) Development from major emergencies and emergencies responses

- None.

六、Results of Major Restructuring and Reorganization of SDTR

None done for the year 2021.

七、Declaration on Transfer of Corporate Property Rights and Capital Injection through the Capital Market


八、Corporate Social Responsibility

SDTR recognize that social responsibility plays an important role in our strategic development. SDTR realizes the power and strength of economic benefits, social benefits and a sustainable ecological environment combining as one.

SDTR adheres to operating in accordance with the law, abides by social ethics, business ethics and industry rules; and always insists on winning with integrity, service and quality. SDTR has a strict policy against commercial corruption and oppose any unfair competition.

As of 31st December 2021, SDTR has 13 full-time employees. SDTR strictly abides by all of Singapore’s labour laws and regulation, all employees are paid according to their qualifications, job responsibilities and work performance as per Singapore’s Fair Employment Act. All benefits and required statutory benefits are provided to all staff as per stipulated by the Employment Act, such as paid leave, sick leave, child care leave, compassion leave, maternity leave, insurance, medical insurance and Central Provident Fund.

九、Company’s Milestones and Achievements

MV SDTR DORA achieved the first A-level rating in the world for CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) awarded by China Classification Society.

SDTR joints a global fraternity and a signatory on a Call to Action, developed by a Task Force of the Getting to Zero Coalition for shipping decarbonization.

SDTR participated in a joint development together with American Class Society and Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute to design a methanol-powered bulk carrier design.

十、Other disclosure to be disclosed in accordance to the regulation and law


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